three ages

There was nothing new about the recipe for making dahl from the guy from Pakistan except one spice I never heard of and can’t remember. Nonetheless I made the best ever later that night, quite something. He had a Tesla. It was incredible riding on the highway with him, no foot on the brake nor gas pedal. No hands on the steering column even though the car changed lanes and made turns many times. He said he grew up living in a hut with his parents and three sisters. Said he has seen many sides of the coin but loved the hut days especially when it hailed and they listened to the random sounds impacting the tin cover for shade connected outside. Twenty-Seven years old and he wants to get out of the rat race. One of my twenty-three year old music students is trying to figure out whether he should move, Toronto or Montreal? Unsure what that future is but loves singing and being in choirs. Asked him to play me a song. He has a good voice not unlike Ron Sexsmith’s sound a lifetime ago. If you are going to spend 5 – 10 years as a waiter you might as well do it where the results of your friends and networks have higher payoffs. I said think Los Angeles or New York. A forty-eight year old woman at the party tried to explain to me that everything is about labour and class. She said she was a Marxist and I told her about the course I took on Das Capital which I got an A but have no idea what Das Capital is about. She said it’s because universities only hire people who will put down Marxism and not be threatening but I said the teacher loved Marx he just didn’t explain any of it in ways I could follow. I don’t think she liked any of my answers especially when I said I think humanity is filled with people being cruel or hostile to which she said it is because of labour and capitol and I said I don’t know it sure seems like this spectrum existed a long time.

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