the game

I love this music business course and how many directions at once the class is traveling. This would have been useful when I was twenty at music school instead of competing for whether that fragment was mixolydian or frigian or if the complex meter was thirteen or twenty something. That was how we measured our purpose. Not that music knowledge isn’t awesome but many young musicians are trying to understand what this music business thing is. Where is the door? How do they get inside and get a job doing something musical? They can’t hear my answer which is there is no door and at the same we are in the building. It is invisible but we are discussing its many features. You are ahead of the game because you are already playing the game by virtue of all these conversations and inspections of who did what, when and where is it headed. That is way better than just getting a degree in counterpoint and hoping after there is a job for you in the music business.
The students wrote about songs from their playlists that might be considered morally challenging. But songs they still enjoy listening to. The assignment was based on reading radical feminist writer Julie Bindel. Her article about listening to Snoop Dog, who she loves, blended against her knowledge of a world that might find that incongruent. Mostly the students listed hip hop songs with a couple exceptions, Does your Mother Know by Abba, and a country song Before He Cheats. Two of them wrote that they never listen to the lyrics of songs they like. It could be true or could be a cop out. The trickiest thing in this job is when I think someone is full of shit and I want to tell them. It does not necessarily mean I am challenging anyone to a duel. When I come clean in the real world it’s fine but in academia it’s pistols at dawn. A hyper magnified sense of being offended or a victim in the college/ university space. So I act confused and dumb. Wow that’s amazing you never thought Bitches Ain’t Shit might mean something somebody somewhere finds “concerning”. But you of course dug it for the hi hat part only.

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