Heard an old Frank Zappa record I never played before. A black and white picture of the man on the cover, maybe it is from 1967. A song called plastic people? Every so often I get into these Zappa moods; always rewarding. It wasn’t always this way, when I was younger I only liked one or two things. There are a lot of adolescent lyrics and they bored me. I moved on, but nowadays I hear so much more in addition to that and a lot of lyrics that make me laugh for their daring speech. I hear people in their 20s checking how radical they can be musically and politically. Throughout I hear combinations of pop and collage and constant switching of meters and making fun of authority and themselves. Sixty years ago is both not so long ago and forever ago. My students think Kanye invented being diverse and collage like in his records from the 2000s. Nope. The final class presentation is next week and it is on Zappa. I wonder if the student presenting will have any similar epiphanies I do.

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  1. For some reason this has reminded me of an album I used to listen to wherein one deadpan lyric was “I come awake with a gift for womankind. You’re still asleep, but the gift don’t seem to mind.”

    Now I must see if Google can help me remember who that was.


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