Often since I returned to school I have seen slogans implying a goal to decolonize. It is a strange word to me. I don’t see how one could believe decolonizing is a possible outcome. It may be that I completely misunderstand the use of this word but my first thoughts are that it means to try achieving a return to the precolonial state of a country. In Canada’s case, that would mean pre 1867, right? Remove electricity, automobiles, airplanes, hospitals, buildings, private property, orchestras, instruments, video games, cellphones and Canadian Tire Money. How could it be? Or does it mean making a world free of discrimination? How could that be? Can anti discrimination be policed or is it about evolving and if it is evolving doesn’t it happen at different speeds for different people? I enjoyed explaining to Sam Larkin on Wednesday nights at Fat Albert’s that I can show anyone how to do what I do on the piano. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they can do it. Everything at its own speed including epiphanies.

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