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bob wiseman music lessons book

Published by ECW Press, Bob’s book “Music Lessons” is a 300 page collection of musings on music and the music industry… but also on life. If you follow Bob on social media you are familiar with these amusing and insightful anecdotes. Now collected for you in paperback or digital format or on Spotify.

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A few reviews…

Reading Music Lessons is like listening to the finest of mix-tapes, curated by that disarmingly philosophical friend who knows way more about music than you do. A must-read for musicians, students of music, parents of students of music and anyone who’s ever thought an MRI machine sounds like industrial ambient rock.”

~ Carolyn Taylor (Baroness Von Sketch)

o my, this is fucking genius!!! making me smile like a 2 month old baby farting!!! real fucking cool style of writing. i’m sold on being amazed by page 2!”

~ Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters)

Music Lessons is funny, tender and at times profound. It is a brilliant and unusual memoir of a life dedicated to music told by a silver tongued storyteller. His voice in prose is as precise as it is in his music and his unpacking of the creative process and how best to access it is a master class from a great artist. I always knew Bob Wiseman could write a great song. It turns out he can write just about anything.”

~ Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall)

Bob embodies the Toronto I lived in for ten years. Self deprecating, artistically puritanical, and totally comfortable wearing overalls at the bank.”

~ Graham Wagner (writer, The Office and Portlandia)

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From the publisher

Bob Wiseman believes most things in life are universal, or, as Lauren Hill says, everything is everything. Bearing in mind that advice, Wiseman writes about finding the link between music and daily life, like what is common between Mary Margaret O’Hara, hiding around the corner with the lights turned off, in order to record herself is the same thing as his 5 year old insisting he stop hurrying to her dance lesson and marvel at the fluff ball she is blowing toward the ceiling. Each entry is unique and compellingly written, but the themes throughout — on improvisational music, life lessons, and conflict — are ubiquitous.

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