General Happening

I ask hardware store guy what is best for strength screwing into drywall. He says toggle bolts. I look ’em over. They scare me because one has to drill a […]

Hurt one of my ribs, a horrible pain that can’t be helped by Doctors, only time. Days or weeks afraid of coughing, laughing or lying down on the injured side. […]

“What’s it like to be a father?” “Good thing she looks like the mother?” “How old is she?” Regular comments after having a kid but the winner for weirdest is […]

Traveling around with my infant daughter in a carriage I use the subway elevators which are awesome. Hardly noticed their construction over the years. Makes me proud of this city […]

Polaris Prize Long List

So I didn’t make the Polaris long list but could any of those fuckers convincingly play the role of a karaoke bartender?   Click here to view Versus Valerie