Bob Wiseman

There was a teacher who contained inspiring musical knowledge, it was obvious to all yet his nature brought on lots of disappointment. He had affairs with students and engaged in […]

The famous accordionist, Tommy Z., accepted 3 students each spring and they came from all over, La Rivierre, Myrtle even once from Edmonton. When he died the Prairie Dog, did […]

There is software running a program inside the brains of people called worry101. Probably, considering humans have been around a few thousand years without Netflix, instead of planning entertainment, they […]

I was too young to get into the cinema to see it but Phil, who was seven years older said he could get me in. I was nervous in line […]

The persistence of rehearsing and practising has to also include slowing down and solving problematic sections, doing them accomplishable speeds. Everyone who doesn’t get there, who acts like a stick […]

I expressed understanding all the issues making her cry. Her waitress job, preparing for journalism school, the lack of time to do music and the pleasure from singing and performing […]

the first assignment is done. some handed in early, some late, one plagiarist, three lyrics, two songs the rest essays but the best thing is those who gushed and needed […]

I was listening to Everyone’s Talkin’ from Midnight Cowboy circa 1969 sung by Harry and realized the gathered string session musicians, probably from the New York Philharmonic, are almost exclusively […]

There is a Justin Bieber song I often hear my daughter playing featuring the lyric, “I want you to know that if I can’t be close to you, I’ll settle […]

I never knew what he was talking about I just heard him talking and thought this is his sound. Like a dog barking that won’t quit and there comes a […]