Bob Wiseman

In my dream last night, I saw an old friend who died years ago. He was walking down a corridor in a restaurant exactly as I remember him. My first […]

I discovered the Hangover movies. There is nothing like a comedy that actually makes me laugh. So many amazing offensive and hilarious considerations crammed into 90 minutes. Zach Galifianakas was […]

I listened to Glenn Loury’s podcast the other night with guest mathematician and physicist professor Sylvester Gates. He spoke about how people take symphonies, etudes, etc., pre-existing music and try […]

Some musicians think cacophony is a unique space of noise, discordant sound, but doesn’t cacophony reflect nature more realistically than melodicism? Is the history of the world chaos, murder and […]

a musician was depressed about the fact that he played the same music over and over. he wrote in his diary that he felt ashamed and as though he never […]

I was starting to imagine the future would be people owning some type of organ incubator, probably bought with their Costco membership, growing one’s own replacement organs and extending life […]

Reading through the student journals. Fave so far was the comments from one guy after studying Miles Davis’s record Bitches Brew, “There is no side of you that’s listening that’s […]

I played imaginary concerts growing up. They were on the piano in the living room. Best performed when my parents went out of town and after my older brothers moved […]

My Big Kahuna Burger t-shirt came in the mail today. I’ve wanted to buy it for a long time, at least since the 2cnd or 3rd time I watched Pulp […]

We’re making a tribute/ memorial night at the Tranzac for Mendelson Joe. Tuesday March 28th. Maybe people will bring their paintings by Joe and place them on the stage, in […]