Bob Wiseman

Feeling honoured. Now officially following Eric Cartman on Twitter. Can’t wait for the Panderverse.

What are the odds in Toronto, millions of people, so many subway trains, so many different entry points to each subway cars. I get on after finishing my class, it […]

I like Charles Bukowski much if it doesn’t come bursting out of youin spite of everything,don’t do it.unless it comes unasked out of yourheart and your mind and your mouthand […]

There are albums from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s in my songwriting class and each week one of those albums is inspected by a group of 2 […]

Still fine tuning my research proposal. After my friend read it, he pointed out seeing no significant question. It is true. I am writing about improvisation changing things for the […]

I was teaching this eleven year old girl how to play a piano piece and it required each of her hands to play different melodies. She was enjoying learning the […]

Tranzac open stage tomorrow. John Oswald has threatened to show up and play a duet with me. I must remind a couple students why they should try their luck in […]

Old community hall, old town, I understand the charm. Some friends drove in from away to see the show which tickled me. The piano worked well enough though during the […]

I was listening to Spotify and for some reason put on old Rolling Stones records. Soon realized I do not recall listening to them in a serious way in forever. […]

Read a short story by Tobias Wolff about a professor and lacking a spine and getting it back. Very awesome writing like hearing Birds of Fire the first time. I […]