Walking in the Park this morning, passed linebacker looking father with two little kids. One year old boy in stroller, three year old blonde girl ahead on scooter. She was […]

At the meeting of the Friends Of The Reticular Formation, one of the panelists said there is an argument in the head, a pleading inside oneself to change one’s behaviour. […]

Anthemoessa Publishing offered Dan the young songwriter a deal. It contained many sections where Dan could receive a whopping sum of money contingent upon other events happening. If for instance […]

#11 is known as Blue Poles despite the fact that Jackson Pollock titled it #11. He changed to a numbering method so people wouldn’t bring preconceived ideas to it. The […]

Some people think that great musicians are different than non musicians. It is genetics or mystical or nature but no, they’re just taxi drivers. Like you parachuted into Lithuania and […]

A musician with a great relationship to his instrument also had an alcohol problem. His weekly residency at The Hideout attracted a good sized audience but before the show ended […]

The King ran an ad in Kijiji seeking a songwriter to glorify his greatness. Three responses came in. The first played slide guitar and wrote a catchy chorus not unlike […]

the thing that so amazing about improvising well, or about listening to good improvisers, is their capacity to remain there. to be in the space of heightened creativity without stopping […]

Bumped into a friend while outside walking, talked about the current zombie apocalypse while keeping 6 feet between us. I annoyed her because I was cheery but I wasn’t trying […]