Bob Wiseman

someone, maybe sam larkin, told me it’s all a dream. not an idea that i could get my head around, he’s not the first but he is the first I […]

working on trying to understand the structure of a story trying to write but i’m more in line with the robert lepage school of making shit up which is to […]

saw a robin pull a worm out of the ground and wondered if anything is actually alive. it is horrible to see anything die, to know anything dies but there’s […]

What does it mean that Trump was able to get into that position and stay there despite being a criminal doing criminal things. Does that prove the whole thing is […]

Two musicians were arguing over the work of another artist. one defended them one criticized them. they ended up fighting about it very strongly, there were some names called, insults […]

Trying to produce records for a couple former students perhaps even 3, whatever I can fit. Part of the exchange, besides enjoying their music or co-writing, besides arranging it to […]

Ones and Zeros

I work a lot with digital samples. Wonder when there will be a Margaret Atwood ¬†or ¬†Salmon Rushdie Filter for writing? A Scorsese filter or Lina Wertmuller plug-in for film […]

Piano Lessons: Slowing down

Sometimes when learning something new one reaches a saturation point. People just have to slow down, “do it at the speed you actually can do it without mistakes”, said the […]

In the 70s I had a favourite record Surprises by Herbie Mann featuring Cissy Houston and ever since Whitney Houston emerged and she was Cissy’s daughter I compared her to […]