Layers of Weird

First Bill Cosby was drugging some woman backstage. Second the camera is hardly on the person it should be on IN SO MANY INSTANCES. Third – Donald is this why […]

Some Of My Shocks

  John Lennon murdered Dylan going Christian Robin Kuretsky dumping me the first day of summer camp The waitress at The Mandarin inviting me to stay over The end of […]

Black and Grey

BLACK AND GREY   Went to the Gladstone short years ago when David Daniloff brought Karen Black to speak about her life. Her adventures were amazing. What a crazy fantastic person. Sometimes […]

Release Party

It should be swell to release Sam’s last recordings tonight with all sorts of people from the past and present but like finishing this record what pisses me off is […]

City Of Wood

Someone who had a radio show in Edmonton once told me campus radio station CJSR received a complaint about City Of Wood when they broadcast it in 1993. Not too […]

When Steve Kado produced “It’s True” I made an agreement with myself to let him do whatever he wanted even if it didn’t make sense to me because that’s what I […]

Revenge Of The Loan

Jerry Harrison in Talking Heads played a Prophet 5. It cost $600 which was clearly unattainable to my 70s teen self so I made an appointment with the loans officer at […]

Do Your Thing ...But Do It Like This

The common train wreck filmmakers have with composers is the “how” of temp music. The editor wants something to cut with (understandable) so they take Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, King Sunny […]

Freaking Out

I popped into the Future bakery to get a coffee like I always do while I’m working at my studio at the Tranzac. The music they play over their speakers possibly […]