Rich Rhymes

Rich Marsella came to my class last week and talked about his music business life. It was great but only when I gave him a ride downtown later did I […]


One thing that always bugged me about QTV was that there already was a QTV. Here is a video of them being busted. Robert Priest, Ben Cleveland, Joe Bennaroch even […]

Wink Wink

There was a Sufi story the gist of which was about imitating a master when studying under them even if you didn’t understand why they did what they did. There […]


Sometimes I want to be a filmmaker who has a camera set up outside grocery stores who have specially designated parking spots for people who have special needs and then […]

Breakin' Rocks In The Hot Sun

Saw someone sending round this story about Lady Gaga suing Rebecca F. Hard to know from what’s published how real the accusation is but what stands out is that after Lady […]

I was as surprised as everyone else when I read in the Globe and Mail that he sold hash in high school and that his company currently makes over 100 million in sales but […]

Bestcast Songpod

My favourite theme is by Ben Allison for the podcast On The Media,  which is among the best I compulsively listen to each week. Listen to it here, it’s called Disposable […]