Bob Wiseman

About Those Piano Lessons

Some people have a talent for driving fast cars some for cooking – me I can show people how to write music, not necessarily brilliant music but good enough to remedy certain […]

Keeping Secrets

Don’t play your work to people if it isn’t finished because if they react negatively it might feel like you got sneezed on. Just because you are growing a new […]


Earlier this year Meadowlark Lemon died. He was the main man in the Harlem Globetrotters. They came to Winnipeg when I was nine, about as amazing as getting candy for […]


My piano lessons, as you may have guessed are a bit different. I’ve been making my living producing, performing and scoring for a long time and since recently becoming a dad […]

Soon the Wanda street part starts again. Very Norman Rockwell and somehow I have become the guy who gets the musical entertainment. I like calling around to the many musicians […]