There was a band in the 80s with one of the dumbest names I ever heard. They were called Itsa Skitsa. I wouldn’t be bothered to check out band with […]

Dance Of The Underwriters

Insurance will probably view the Fort McMurray devastation as “acts of god” and limit compensation unless people prove global warming is “manmade”  which  actually people already have proved – so how […]

Always A Fighter

>June Mitchell via  >I just heard Giulietta masina at the oscars crying. Sounding great. >Are you working on any new songs? >I thought you might be interested in SoundBetter. >It’s a site […]

Giving Actors A Bad Name

After all these years, I can’t believe it’s a recorder. The only thing more amazing than that is that these grandpas are able to pull it off. Worst lip-syncing of all time. Not […]

Contact Improvisation

Hillary Clinton explaining to Jews why the Jewish Bernie Sanders isn’t a good Jew. Makes me think of Madelaine Albright explaining to women why they are going to hell if they […]

Don't Hurt Me Sweetie

The 2cnd last time I laughed so hard I needed medical help was when I was 12 at the Odeon Theatre in Winnipeg watching appropriately a farting cowboy scene in […]

Radio Ideas

I have 3 ideas for radio shows on CBC. I thought about submitting all three at once but it was pointed out to me that I might seem a weirdo […]

Future Guess

In the future our children or grandchildren (or general public) will look over IP records of all your online browsing and draw whatever conclusions about whatever sites you went to […]