Alannis’s song Head Over Feet has that harmonica solo Tom Cochrane better in Life is A Highway, whatever that means

squirrel in the park today came up pretty close when i made my squirrel imitation. i know one sound that really seems to connect with squirrels. about a close as […]

Mariangela Melano, damn what great acting. The seven beauties rocked me left and right so many times before understanding it, assuming eventually I did understand it. What great soundtrack as […]

Pitched an idea to CBC, didn’t go anywhere though at first many people liked it which encouraged me to take it up the ladder, got kicked down. Just get back […]

Cooked pasta added shredded beets, carrots onions, pepper, salt, cumin and made vegan mayo from silken tofu, mustard, garlic, pepper. It’s good but nobody else in my home gives a […]