You can’t do anything with intellectually understanding you are not here. you can be walked through understanding it. you can be shown that the brain generates words for itself to […]

I made friends with some heavy characters in high school, I think I sought them out partly because I had spent 9 years in Jewish Schools – couldn’t take it […]

I saw a certain producer abuse engineers. It was disturbing.  Hissy fits and anger management. All entitlement, all the time. The minimum wage engineers would lose jobs if they responded […]

The new piece is coming along. The trick is whatever the right hand does the left must also do. It’s a challenge of one’s thinking, of one’s habits but the […]

Anthony from Sault St. Marie traveled to Burlington to sit at the feet of the great accordionist Snips Walker. Snips taught many people who achieved greatness like vibes player Ben […]

sometimes the lock doesn’t work and you have to futz with the key to make it turn right. sometimes people say the fingering has to be this way for some […]

I saw a comedian choke on stage at the Edinburgh festival fifteen years ago while playing near there with Jane SIberry. The guy was making jokes that people didn’t laugh […]