There was a song I once heard that was impossible to figure out. It sounded like three hands playing simultaneously on the piano. And then, as they say lo and […]

There’s a trick to doing trills. Or maybe the word trills is incorrect. It’s a technique thing I saw Casey Sokal do when I was at York in the 80s. […]

I tried doing something starting with a motif from Chopin. I forget the name of the piece but it’s in three and starts with a beautiful seductive gesture. That’s all […]

The comedy people are great improvisers. They have no instrument to hide behind. They have to use their sense of who they are right away or develop it right away. […]

tried to transfer Ship At Sea to piano which was previously only played on guitar. Started by doing the Joni Mitchell type of left hand, that method I never do […]

made oatmeal this morning, key to my technique is adding it to already boring water. got left hand to play passage more swiftly, key to technique was adding it to […]

the tile guy is here: changing the bathroom for good: the tunes that he plays

This morning I worked in C# at developing something in 3 and realized I’m always looking at my right hand when I try to coordinate this piece so instead tried […]