There was a little mouse in the house. My live traps just didn’t interest him partly because he has a tumor growing out the side of his face and the […]

There is an exquisite interview with Wayne Shorter somewhere on the tubes of You. He tells the story of meeting Lester Young in Toronto at the Towne Tavern. A lot […]

I have a piano student, a girl who surprises me. Just when I think she isn’t that into it, she shows up having obviously worked on it enough to display […]

I wrote to David Lindley one time, I wanted to ask him questions about Warren Zevon. I wanted to play with him too. I loved his work. He never replied […]

An unusual dream I woke up from and wanted to write down before the waves of memory dissolve back to the ocean. I was performing in Newfoundland, myself and others. […]

Trying to figure out how to make my daughter’s lunches more game changing. She won’t eat salad but she will eat cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes separately. Took me a long […]

The musical trends of various times and places fascinate me for how people embrace them. How they get imitated, perpetuated, believed in even if privately some make critical remarks or […]

One time at Joe’s place I said what have you recently made? He showed me the latest. Chrétien was prime minister at the time. It was a painting of Chrétien […]

At the presentation the students asked me about performing, about writing my first songs, about how to write in a specific direction, about what my career was like at a […]

It has happened more than once. I am hired to be a composer but just before I start, the people in charge tell me to consider making it like this […]