Sometimes people tune into the fact that all of us are positioned to experience the world as though we are the stars of a movie, a movie about us. Sometimes […]

Wondering about the state of people prior to language, what those minds were like since in our time it’s about ceaseless wording between the ears. Have heard it said our […]

I had to learn Riptide for a presentation and while doing some research I looked at Vance Joy’s Wiki and noticed his most famous song established in no small part […]

Some last minute items necessary for a little girl attending summer camp. Would rather not be in Walmart but choices were limited and then it happened – Rick Astley, but […]

I met Paul Krassner, we both played The Bitter End on Earth Day 2000, he was doing stand-up. Later, he introduced me to Odetta which I can’t describe except for […]

Zen story about a monk in the 9th century that came upon a piano in the forest and wrote a song about the fact that everything is actually either physical […]

There was a thing going around attributed falsely to Albert Einstein, “We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are […]

Something that always bugged her was how many students never practice until one day it hit her, this is exactly her relationship with her own consciousness. She implores her mind, […]

a journalist asked a musician what’s more fun performing or touring and the musician replied it’s a good thing you didn’t ask what’s worse.  then they journalist asked what’s worse […]