Less than a week before classes start and my new course only has 5 students. Probably the school will cancel it for lack of bums in seats. Wish I could […]

I have never met anyone who shares my love of Jackie Lomax or knows his record Speak to Me like I do. I bet they exist, I just never met […]

Chas was great last night. Starting his lap-steel-delay-pedal improvisation by dawning dark sunglasses. He explained it was out of concern for the audience due to injurious repercussions people received when […]

Gave Moses from Zambia his in-person piano lesson. He is returning home. We might continue lessoning via Zoom, we will see. Interesting trying to explain tone, tone, semi-tone etc. as […]

Water leaking under the sink. Not noticed until everything gross and wet and the le stink. I am no plumber but I know this and that. I was a caretaker […]

Rereading The Blind Assassin. It is very helpful for the writing I am trying to do at school, to keep reading whoever I find inspiring. This is as close as […]

Mendelson Joe loved the Sisters of Euclid, led by Kevin Breit. If Mendelson Joe loved your work you would be inundated with regular colourful handwritten letters and in some cases […]

Maybe that was what Stevie Wonder meant by calling that record music of my mind. A spider seems to float in a basement window. Been there three days but my […]

Watching some lectures by Herbie Hancock. Superb understanding of music making and music explaining. He tells a great story about fucking up on tour with Miles Davis. In a certain […]

Blows my mind everytime Biden speaks, so lame and meaningless. But some say this is how it works. The great machine wants lame and meaningless, keeping tension in place. The […]