Eventually people have to switch to composting toilets. We commit slow suicide pumping our sewage into lakes. Children of the future will not believe any of this happened. Sewage in […]

Many of my mother’s friends have died in recent years. I feel for her and the science fiction movie she now stars in. Who disappears next? Can’t remember ever being […]

Is it possible to be in charge of one’s self; One’s inner world? Where are people free from the bullshit of their own bullshit? Or is it something that would […]

The last show with Anand is tomorrow. What a splendid experience. So simple, hardly any rehearsal which is not to say we didn’t take it very seriously but compared to […]

I think flying is a life risking thing or to put it another way, rate of crash survival isn’t encouraging. It is always going through my head before and during […]

You can’t do anything with intellectually understanding you are not here. you can be walked through understanding it. you can be shown that the brain generates words for itself to […]

I made friends with some heavy characters in high school, I think I sought them out partly because I had spent 9 years in Jewish Schools – couldn’t take it […]

I saw a certain producer abuse engineers. It was disturbing.  Hissy fits and anger management. All entitlement, all the time. The minimum wage engineers would lose jobs if they responded […]

The new piece is coming along. The trick is whatever the right hand does the left must also do. It’s a challenge of one’s thinking, of one’s habits but the […]