While putting my daughter to sleep she told me she fears strange sounds when she is alone in the house. I reassured her about the origins of some pipe sounds […]

There is a young man volunteering in my office once a week. I met him while being a teaching assistant last winter for his music class. The other day he […]

Where next to take this thing in Bb. The beginning starts with a statement that sounds very early, one friend said it sounded like the dance music of the 17th […]

The problem of getting my daughter to eat salad was fixed simply by slipping cucumbers and tomatoes next to the screen when in online games with friends. If I ask […]

Hi Everyone.I am looking forward to meeting you Tuesday and we will discuss the syllabus. I notice each semester some students are not sure what this course is about. It […]

Working on the podcast I hope to find a future home for. My friend Mani said don’t pitch it, just make 4 or 5 episodes that show it works. I […]

Hi Bob, A buddy of mine, whose daughter was in one of your classes¬†at Western, passed your book on to me. Thanks for an enjoyable¬†and thoughtful read. I meet with […]

I picked up Salmon Rushdie’s latest book Victory City. It sat there a week while I did other things and sometimes looked at it and thought it probably isn’t going […]