At my daughter’s parent teacher night, a woman tapped me on the shoulder. She said hi like we knew each other. She absolutely knew me, showing the friendship signs people […]

John Cleese has a new show debuting later this month called the Dinosaur Hour. Can’t wait. I listened to an interview where he perfectly addressed improvisation while describing truisms about […]

Just finished Chuck Palahniuk’s book about writing – Moments in My Life After Which Everything was Different. He knocks it out of the ballpark. It was a perfect sunset or […]

Watching the doc about Fanny. I am going to switch my course outline and include this film because I know it’ll blow many minds in my class. Very awesome when […]

The last song submitted had this in the bridge, “Could a person live with the realization their own consciousness is not their own? Like living in a moving car. The […]

There was a trio who played polkas but they thought of themselves as punk rockers. People thought it was amusing that they played 2/4 in the indie clubs. If they […]

I do most things myself from necessity but sure would be wonderful to be freed up when trying to record myself. Someone else concerned about the levels. I asked Patrick […]

I finished Salman Rushdie’s Victory City and was left walking on air wishing I could hang out with him and talk about Pampa Kampana. In the current assignment, one student […]

I am playing a poker game with one of many employers. I am good with losing if that is my fate. It occurs to me this might be the best […]

Sitting in with Rusty McCarthy and Maya Bannerman at the Tranzac last night. It was very good. He sent me the songs in advance and I listened a couple times, […]