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Act Two Tomorrow


As we passed Duluth we decided to drive all night and Get to Winnipeg which was another 6 hours,it was 8pm.

Around then Magali said “Did you ever play here?”


“Spend any time here?”


A little later there was a sudden liquid splash on the windshield, at first I thought it was from an oncoming truck’s windshield wiper fluid but then it slid up the windshield like coolant and Magali stuck her had out and it smelled…like coolant.

Pulled over 5 minutes later, into a small lot belonging to a local bar in Saginaw MN.  Ample steam and flourescent green splatter, we had a crack in the radiator and had to get towed. Then of course it started to rain.  Many friendly older drunk people in the bar wanted to know what happened, who we were and surprisingly, if they could help. A woman named Sarah offered us a place to crash.

“We have clean sheets and diapers. I used to hitchhike across the country 30 years ago so this is just paying it forward.”

Someone else said he could call the tow truck driver to speed up the AAA business and he did and it did speed it up. Soon we had a tow. Had to be towed to a garage, had to assume the driver was not deceiving about the place he suggested, had to find a hotel because he wouldn’t be taking us back 30 minutes to the strangers in Saginaw plus we needed to be near the car for Monday when it would be seen by a Duluth mechanic.

Then we found out all the hotels were sold out.

Eventually found a motel right out of an Alfred Hitchcock fantasy. At least we could finally finish the first act of this new movie we didn’t know we auditioned for.


Night In June, 1991

The Rivoli on Queen street has a cool logo designed by Mary Margaret O’Hara. It looks like a signature blown up in a photocopier. A special place to play years ago, not so much now. Queen street was then about the Bamboo, Garbo’s, The Horseshoe, The Cameron, The Bamboo, The Legion, The Bohemian Embassy and The Holiday Tavern. There was less Yorkville there unlike now. These things are inevitable.. who among us, not from the 60s, can imagine what Yorkville was previously?

Can’t recall how Ann(e) Howard got involved with videotaping or whatever happened to her but pleased very much that someone like her did shoot so many of us then like this video that she did of me. Jack Layton was at the show, he and Olivia were city councilors then. At the end of the night he walked up and told me Olivia was into my music too but couldn’t be there that night. I didn’t know if he was for real or being political but whatever, I was flattered he came and wanted to be friends. I saw him one time at the Y near Yonge street in 2007, wearing a bandana and sweatpants walking from the locker room to the jogging area. I didn’t stop him but I was thrilled that the leader of the opposition was walking among us like an ordinary guy. He was proud to be an ordinary guy – which was extraordinary.

ben kerr