July 2014

Act Two Tomorrow

As we passed Duluth we decided to drive all night and Get to Winnipeg which was another 6 hours,it was 8pm. Around then Magali said “Did you ever play here?” […]

The Rivoli on Queen street has a cool logo designed by Mary Margaret O’Hara. It looks like a signature blown up in a photocopier. A special place to play years […]


Say yes to every job, even if there is no money. Say no when they ask to own all the publishing. Stall when they ask you to agree to something […]

The Birds And The Bees

I lived in the country near Hagersville in the 90s for 8 years and I had a bee problem. These types of bees burrowed about an inch into the wood […]

Still Prefer Chess

I play a game when I watch Youtube. The game is avoid the advertisements. The first thing is to MUTE THE AUDIO because hearing what the ad says pollutes my […]

Music Of The Stars

The mind blowing thing about John Cage was removing the individual as the composer. He took astronomical charts and put transparencies of staff paper over them, then had pianists play […]

Switching it up

Sometimes I try to spend the day left handed. This is good for a right handed piano player. Holding a pen, using a fork, drinking from a coffee cup – […]