The King ran an ad in Kijiji seeking a songwriter to glorify his greatness. Three responses came in. The first played slide guitar and wrote a catchy chorus not unlike […]

the thing that so amazing about improvising well, or about listening to good improvisers, is their capacity to remain there. to be in the space of heightened creativity without stopping […]

Bumped into a friend while outside walking, talked about the current zombie apocalypse while keeping 6 feet between us. I annoyed her because I was cheery but I wasn’t trying […]

the mind works through conversation with itself sometimes with imaginary characters like the creator of the universe, like as if you are talking with god. my friend explained her embrace […]

Keep wanting to make time to for new songs and then it slips away between various other homework, housework, production work. jot the ideas for another day. the ghost of […]

The first school I went to was a Jewish school. I went from kindergarten until grade seven then told my parents I wanted to change to public school. Years later […]

watching a video of bird sounds and when they get to the barn owl the voice over narration prepares people and tells them it is a horrible sound. in fact […]

Between 2006 and 2018, their advertising revenue fell by 80 percent and daily print circulation fell by 58.6 percent. McClatchy has been family owned for 163 years. It has 30 […]

Dear Steve, Thanks for writing me and letting me know you discovered my music on Bandcamp and would consider adding me to your radio network, music publishing catalogue and artist […]