Realistically, everything is from the Earth, like rocket ships. Everything man appears to make comes from using parts found or transformed but always originating from the Earth. It made you […]

People sometimes imagine life is a dream. But I am real – aren’t I? Sort of like discussions of God. I used to balk. How could one doubt something invented […]

Listening to an interview with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the man Chris Cavanagh recommended to me about creativity. He says one of the surprises when they began mapping data on more than […]

In the documentary about John Cage, he identifies with Zen’s philosophy. For his own peace of mind, he practised a disinclination towards mind. At one point explaining how a near […]

Planning the PhD inspection. Feels pretty good to me but whenever something feels pretty good usually it means you are oblivious about how things could fail. Like the time the […]

I attended Daniel Brooks play about his life, living with lung cancer and attending a Vipassana retreat. I wrote him after to get the name of the book he referenced […]

The latest issue of Improvnotes out of Guelph includes my interview with Coleman Hughes and a link to his startling video Blasphemy. There are a lot of provocative ideas and […]

Pete Seeger’s father wrote about dissonant counterpoint. I totally get that and must look over his works. My religious friend wanted to interview me and other atheists for a project […]

I wish I could control myself.Yeah who doesn’t.You too?Yeah, it depresses me.I know what you mean. How do you stop it?You can’t, maybe you can short circuit it.What do you […]