All the guitar strings except both Es had a secret meeting organized by A who wanted to discuss how unfair it was that there were two Es while the rest […]

Being back at University I notice professors often assigning their own work for students to read among works by other scholars. I respect them more for keeping their own work […]

Looking for an agent. Had some recent exchanges that were pointless, questions like “where do you see yourself in 3 years?” or “what were your sales like for 2015 – […]

Standing in Dollarama wondering when they will start selling cars, condominiums and coffee makers since they’ve moved in on everything else. Do You Think I’m Sexy comes on the overhead […]

One day the notes in the song realized they were alive and living notes. Soon they started to study who had similar pitches and where they were located on the […]

I’ve seen all the Michael Holingsworth plays, I enjoy them immensely. One time I insulted an actor without realizing it at a little party for everyone upstairs after the performance […]

One time a classical music teacher asked for a lesson. They could technically execute whatever we discussed but they sounded like they were playing an exercise and disconnected from the […]