Saw the Joker. The score was awesome. Wonder how much was the director’s vision, how much was the composer’s? How much was them fighting about it or not? A lot […]

Listened to a guy other night at the open stage perform with a machine that starts/ stops loops easily. It had a pitch shifter built into it, his voice could […]

It seems like you are in charge when you write music but I’m not sure because G, Eb and A already existed before you claimed your way of playing them […]

viewing a tutorial about lydian modes. guy talked about hollywood composers inclination to utilize this, then played an excerpt of beethoven doing it. next he says beethoven is using the […]

when mark hundevad said he’s playing tomorrow around the corner from where i live – with juini booth, who i didn’t know of, but who has played with tony williams, […]

At an informal composers meeting people discussed the latest films they were working on and one guy said he was asked to score a science fiction feature about a planet […]

Almost 20 years ago a producer called me and asked if I could do him a huge favour. He was working with a director in France and she needed music […]

A student asked me last week if I thought life itself was a song. I said I could get my head around that. They said it’s like a song that […]

Bought one of those Masterclass tutorials, advertised everywhere, the ones that annoy me and come on all the time. Bought it as present to myself, on writing, by Margaret Atwood. […]