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Ones and Zeros

I work a lot with digital samples.

Wonder when there will be a Margaret Atwood  or  Salmon Rushdie Filter for writing? A Scorsese filter or Lina Wertmuller plug-in for film treatments? Probably around the corner. There was a 10 – 15 year span of  heated arguments about this stuff but it’s history now and the digitaligentsia won.


I’ve met more than one film director who’s happy to use music that came with software as themes for their film, it’s impressive, tons of loops credit and copyright free. Downside is they sound like loops. Most people don’t care about  the difference  between Tom Cruise vs. Benicio Del Torro.

Instead of bending over backwards to please the tastes of people who I don’t share taste with or competing with the next composer who has a connected manager or is insider cousin or whatever,  I thought – make something of quality that isn’t imitated so easily. Maybe bigger players will notice things that stands out for quality.

Or perhaps I should go back to school and try to get a better teaching job, a more secure situation with benefits; massages, dental and hopefully a vegetable tempura discount.



The Rubber Necker, Bach and Mozetich

Sometimes driving and listening to the radio I have heard things which caused my brain to explode and had to pull over for everyone’s safety. It happened one time with Bach – I heard it! What previously I took for modern was made completely teensy weensy because he was improvising with four voices and remaining melodic and that was 350 years ago.


It happened another time with the Danielson Family. I couldn’t figure out how the main singer, Daniel, did with his voice what he was doing. As it turns out that is just how he naturally sings – all elements together made for a car accident if I didn’t pull over and quietly enjoy this masterpiece.


And then last week – poof – this came on. I tracked down Julie Nesrallah and she completely understood my problem.


String Survey


I started writing a string quartet in April, now there’s 4 of of them bugging me to complete them and set them free.

I haven’t a clue how long they should be and there’s a bunch of string techniques I am also clueless about. If you care to listen and give me feedback I would appreciate it.

These are in the order I wrote them.