Favourite thing learned in physics was the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. The tools used to measure subatomic particles alters their state which means every conclusion measured is inaccurate.  When in a […]

She’s in grade 1 and often when I put her to sleep asks me to tell her something from when I was little. I told her tonight about the time […]

Was listening to an old episode of the BBC show desert island discs, Salmon Rushdie recorded in 1989 prior to the release of The Satanic Verses. At one point the […]

It’s all about stories, that’s why there is a love of films, books and music etc. And what hurts additionally when someone dies, they take their stories. Can no longer […]

In the cinema studies class students discuss virtual reality and how convincing it is or isn’t. Then the conversation focusses on why there is so much interest in making it […]

there was a guy who dreamed of writing a great piece of music. each day he woke up cursing the fact that he still had not written it. then he […]

lawyer: He just said he wouldn’t.   shelly: But it’s protocol, it’s in every-   lawyer: I know, I know.   shelly: What an asshole.   lawyer: I know, I […]

lawyer: We received your contract and it all looks good except your signature is missing from the non-disclosure agreement. musician: I didn’t forget, just rather not. lawyer: Pardon me? musician: […]

The pilot landed the flight that everyone other pilot in simulation did not survive and at the same time technically was drunk – love the 2012 movie, Flight. How upset […]

I worked with a young filmmaker mixing music for their film. They liked the music but didn’t like the mix. Wanted more treble and more treble. Made other frequencies less […]