General Happening

Each student has to tell us about a song that changed their lives. These were the songs they chose this semester. Good stories. One was about a woman whose older […]

Some negative attacks surprise me but ultimately they are comedy despite the person wishing to hurt me not getting it. Their version of reality is threatened by my version. Something […]

Girl in the class wrote a song about how she can’t stop eating bad food all the time when she isn’t even hungry. The lyrics were about having no self […]

I had to pitch my PhD plan to a group of other PhD planners in Guelph today. I did not rehearse because I feel confident about the story I’m writing. […]

Dan Galea took the picture recently of Scott Thompson and myself at the Rivoli. It was nice to see him and he reminded me the next day I never told […]

There is a guy in the class who is an older student and an alcoholic who often writes about this issue. When I ask him about it and he says […]

I have a student who hands in assignments that read as though she is a very experienced academic. It does not reflect the vocabulary I am used to hearing from […]

My daughter is learning long division. It frustrates her. Why don’t people just use calculators because it’s simpler and quicker, right? Why don’t they just use a sample of a […]

As I work away on the story I’m writing for school, sometimes I solve feelings of boredom by rejigging the timeline. Inserting events and disregarding linear orders. Sometimes this also […]