General Happening

Went to Geoff Berner’s show, a few weeks ago at the Tranzac. The woman sitting next to me was in love and laughed at every joke or elbowed her friend […]

Soloing in concert is sort of like looking both ways before you cross the street, like playing with the idea that one mistake could be fatal, like it is about […]

i bet stevie wonder makes a new record that blows everyone away using only the 70s equipment he made all those other incomparably amazing records with. i bet joe biden […]

In the video interview with the cosmonaught who spent a year in space he said the thing he missed most was air. I was guessing his answer would be that […]

A student approached me for piano lessons then wanted songwriting help and now it has turned into me aiding her techno creations. I’m amused. Her first language isn’t English and […]

Following the party, the bannister became loose and eventually gave way. This meant only one thing – toggle bolts. In theory, they seem so smart and strong but in practice […]

The art show comes down next week but in light of the virus perhaps we suspend the next show until after the zombie apocalypse, which reminds me I loved Shawn […]

at music school in the early 80s laura smith didn’t fit in and she knew it was odd because she was a musician, connected to music in a way that […]

Shouldn’t something spontaneous not sound like it’s manufactured? The close up microphone on Michael Jackson’s deep breathing angst comes to mind. Those sounds, supposedly uncontrollable moments of vulnerability, but for […]

rare perpetratorthat realizes damage family history .listen to the oldthe details in their storiesyou can’t make this up.which war was the best?which one did the best killing?which songs do they sing? .what was […]