General Happening

There was a conductor who used to say the Earth is conducting humans by letting them walk all over the planet believing they own it when the Earth itself invented […]

A musician on Facebook got a request from his brain. He accepted and was amazed by all the pictures his brain had in their timeline that focussed on him. He […]

Walking through the neighbourhood many birds making their calls. Seems to me within all those different melodies, which are enjoyable to listen to as a collage but separate from that, […]

I work a lot on Monday to teach my left hand to play a pentatonic scale. I work on it again Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday my left hand can […]

started to record the exercises I practice. it’s a whole other way of practising, to replay listening with no distractions, with no other jobs the hands have to simultaneously do. […]

You’re driving and you turn on the radio, there’s only a few stations. They have playlists, certain songs are repeated whether you like it or not, that’s all that’s playing. […]

On a tour one time two musicians dispute the big cheese. One said God made them musical, the other said there is no God and they are musical because there […]

Coleslaw: purple cabbage, carrots, beets, onions, toasted pine nuts, cilantro, pickles, red chilli flakes, herbs de Provence. Dressing: oil, vinegar, maple syrup, mustard. I love the coleslaws, yet when I’m […]

If a person thought life itself was alive they might then consider everything being a manifestation of life’s body, everything being a cell in the body of life. That would […]

I’m working on that scale I found on Youtube after marvelling at Dorothy, also working at getting my left hand to reply pentatonic things the right can do by thinking […]