General Happening

I forgot to shoulder check in my dream last night, then felt stupid that I could have killed someone. Before I woke up I thought specifically I could have knocked […]

I wonder how long people will still say Twitter. I still say Skydome. Sometimes people change their names after I have known them a long time by a different name. […]

Now I am teaching my 4th semester of this course and each time there are 1 – 4 students who do not exist. They are registered but never show up, […]

Musically, the need to be cacophonous is overwhelming. It is why society plays out with so many polarizations that make absolutely no sense to each other’s side. The thing especially […]

What a nice dream. In the room with both my old cats, both dead since a few years ago but inside the dream I had no memory of that. Madame […]

Students discussed Joni MItchell’s Big Yellow Taxi last week. Very different conclusions. Some said she was expressing early environmentalist perspectives, reevaluating technology. Some said she was shortsighted discounting that farmers […]

Triads separated by a 9th. A and B together. When I ask if he wants me to take him to the elevator he says the stairs are better, the elevator […]

Show last night, piano only, added a mirror otherwise it was the pianist’s back facing audience, song sequence issue driven content or else la coer, never sung either french song, […]

My grandfather gave me scotch on a kleenex to place over any sore tooth when I was under 10 years old and the coming and going of baby teeth still. […]

There were many cowboy movies on television when I was growing up. Usually two or three themes like the fastest draw in the west or a bounty hunter searching for […]