General Happening

Each of the songwriting classes I’m teaching begin with a student playing us a song that changed their life or significantly inspired them. Recently we listened to Imagine by John […]

I played the students Aretha Franklin’s I Never Loved A Man ( the way that I love you) because I thought, like me, many would have assumed the song was […]

started teaching the new student chopin by ear. imitate me kid, just do this and then she just did that. next i said ok, just do that and so she […]

bacterium are single cells covered by a membrane which keeps the outside world out and the inside world in. sounds very familiar.bacteria are the oldest life forms on the earth. […]

ran into an old neighbour who lived across the street from me when first moved Toronto. she’s probably 15 years older than me. spoke a bit about how life goes […]

when the wise old guru said awakening is a separation from illusion and then posed an alternate question, “maybe it is a separation from reality”, i lost the thread. and […]

I met a librarian from California, she told me she was from San Jose and added they celebrate Dionne Warwick day. I said she isn’t the one who wrote it, […]

last year i watched a doc about 90s guru rajneesh, a couple things stood out. one, the fact that the movie never talked about whatever his teachings were. just the […]

Playing a blues progression and the singer nods at you to solo after this round. Up until the solo starts you’re a cog in a wheel, a supportive little cell […]

The brain is what you are, not the body you view in the mirror. That’s just a face or a hand or a belly button but the brain is where […]