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In and around 1990 while recording a 2cnd record to be released on Warner Music Canada, later titled Presented By Lake Michigan Soda,  there was a desire to enlist a fast and angular guitarist to play the outro section of a song about pollution and colonialism. The sounds and sensibilities of Nomeansno, UIC, Bad Brains were the music providing the most pleasure those days for these ears hence the desire to hear someone more or less surfing on cacophonous drums that simultaneously remained in time.

David Wilcox had a big reputation but it was already becoming a little bit yesteryear, or maybe yesterdecade – which intrigued me more. Isn’t it cooler to see John Travolta in Pulp Fiction than in Grease?

After forwarding a copy of the song to him a meeting was set up strangely on the street at College and Yonge. He just wanted to let me know he could play on the song and it would cost triple scale. He was a little weird in that there wasn’t anything else he wanted to discuss. Okay bye, see you later.

I thought it over and decided to look for someone else who I might have more fun with – I kept sniffing out who’s who in Toronto and then saw a Vector show at the Cameron. Victor Bateman’s group, Vector, had unique country soundscapes and always some guitar genius unknown to me like Kim Ratcliffe. That night the genius was Ted Quinlan, a monster among monsters. He may in fact get paid triple scale these days, totally deserves quadruple scale. Fortunately he was open minded and eager. Had a lot of fun with him at Metalworks playing the outro.

Gabriel Dumont Blues

I can measure the big big bus (oh the big big big big bus)

I can measure the redwood tree (oh the redwood, redwood tree)

I ain’t got a ruler, small enough, to measure your memory

There was a time not long ago (not long, not long, not long ago)

When the people of this land didn’t even know (didn’t know, didn’t know, didn’t even know)

That somebody would ever come along and say (come along, come along, come along and dare)

Suck the Earth dry pump smoke in the air (suck the Earth dry pump smoke in the air)

I ain’t got a ruler, small enough, to measure your memory

Gabriel Dumont he said to Louis Riel “Man we better fight back or we’re gonna get killed”

From Halifax to Victoria it’s a (big, big, country)

But it wasn’t always so easy to see in the,  (big, big, country)

Sewage in the rivers and parking lots in the (big, big, country)

The settlers they brought a lot to the (big, big, country)

I ain’t got a ruler, small enough, to measure your memory

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