Each of the songwriting classes I’m teaching begin with a student playing us a song that changed their life or significantly inspired them. Recently we listened to Imagine by John Lennon. While it played I noticed in one moment the bass played G and the piano F or F#. It was fantastic. Then the class asked the student questions about the song’s significance to them and the student told stories about growing up and being inspired by it. Later I asked if anyone heard a clam because I thought I did but wasn’t 100% sure. Nobody did so we played it back, then everyone heard it. The look on their faces, like I did an amazing card trick. .Watching a Logic Tutorial on vocals and the engineer focussed on how they treat EQ before compression. They isolated a vocal, ran a high pass filter then a low pass filter, then found an aspect of the singer’s voice that was too nasal to the engineer’s ear, so he removed it. He played it back proudly demonstrating the uniform quality of the singer’s new voice. It’s understandable but also amazing to realize you have heard something 10 million times and loved it and then noticed something technically inaccurate. It doesn’t mean you no longer love it, it might mean that the content is so strong you don’t give a shit about a blemish here or there.

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