ghost of bob

I do a very good job ordinarily of hardly knowing who’s who in popular culture. Never heard of Maroon 5 until Rihanna declined to play the Super Bowl. I like the Colin Kaepernick story, reminds me of the Bernie Sanders story, how the mainstream news can’t seem to look their bias in the mirror. They can’t say Bernie won instead they have to focus on who came in third. They can’t say Colin Kaepernick is calling attention to systemic racism and instead they make it about discussing patriotism: to stand or not to stand for the National Anthem. Awesome that Rihanna was in solidarity with Kaepernick and equally amazed the story of Maroon 5 replacing her wasn’t treated more like the story of scab labour which it was. I still didn’t know their music until recently because my daughter loves commercial radio. Now I hear their song Memories and every time I do it is another reason for me to not like these guys. Doesn’t this song require clearance from the Bob Marley estate? Am I the only one who hears No Woman No Cry every time it plays?

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