Eventually people have to switch to composting toilets. We commit slow suicide pumping our sewage into lakes.

Children of the future will not believe any of this happened. Sewage in our water systems, torturing people to death, torturing animals to death before eating them and torturing the environment. Smog, telephone lines everywhere and politically insane re-elections of 12 year old disturbed dysfunctional doorknobs from Mike Harris to George Bush.

Or maybe it always was this way and if there is a future it is colonizing outer space.


  1. Let us hope it does not involve colonizing outer space, keyword “colonizing”= exporting more of the same bullshit. Some days I’m very optimistic that we will pull it together, many days not so much. Certainly all of the solutions are in front of us. What is in short quantity is the will.


  2. I think it’s coming. History, ships sailing to the new world, for money & slavery. I think it’s what happens. Space colonization. I can see it.


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