Sheriff Of Canada Supports The Ukraine, (n.o.t)


This premier episode of Rocket Robin Hood suggests a meteorite lands in the Ocean and starts sucking out all the water and then the evil Sheriff of N.O.T. (pretty creative writing) who, like all the other villains/ thugs are brown skinned (pretty creative writing) demands the people pay for being on his new land which was previously the Ocean.

That particular piece of future projection from the 1960s seems right on the money in terms of the bullshit of privatization policies from Thatcher to our own Dysfunctional King of Canada giving more land reserved for reindeer to his oil and gas masters.

It’s especially sick to watch Harper talk tough on the Ukraine. When someone who has a legacy of shitting on morality and ethics starts to talk about it then you know something else is going on.

Maybe it’s about supporting Obama against Putin in order to get Obama to cave on allowing the morally bankrupt Keystone pipeline?

Seems weird for someone to lecture about morality when Israel’s history of stealing Palestinian land is well documented but Harper acts like they can do no wrong. If Harper had an ounce of interest in morality or ethics why then squash talk about the well documented child rape in Afghanistan. Why give order Canadian troops to shut up about it and why not promote the soldier who spoke up – Travis Schouten?

Why stop scientists from reporting on scientific facts that shed light on environmental damage?

Rocket Robin: Sheriff come to your senses, the Earth is being destroyed.
Sheriff: You mean created don't you? Every minute my land and power grow. Soon 
all of Earth will be mine
Rocket Robin: This is madness. Greed and lust for power have blinded him.


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