New Version of Magical Mystery Tour

tharpe Logic Pro X is amazing  (so is most music software) but Logic is the one I use since it was Notator in the 90s which became Notator/Logic which became Logic/Audio which became Logic. At one point the two chief creators toured North America appearing at discussion groups. When they came to Toronto they were presented in the side room at the Diamond (it’s always the Diamond to me even though it has changed names as often as Notator) and I found myself with about a dozen other composers there to meet them and talk to them. It felt like meeting the Beatles in Hamburg. I told Gerhard Lengeling that I missed the fact that in their latest version they eliminated the earlier representation of a piano roll vertically like a old piano roll and he said “Oh ya, we should bring that back in the next version”. Wow, I just influenced the next version of Logic. That was like Paul agreeing to add a diminished chord to Magical Mystery Tour just because I asked about it. Apple_Gerhard_Lengeling

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