Death By Click

Last month had an appointment to repair my Mac and they request you back up everything with time machine and I did. Last week while multitasking I accidentally started to erase my external drive that has a bunch of original music files. I didn’t realize for a bit that I was erasing the fucking shit and then it hit me and it hit me hard; I was ruined.

Then I recalled the Time Machine. Plugged it in and poof Рall there. Thanks be the Gods of Back Up.

It’s not the first time, the first time was the worst, no back up. A bunch of songs and poems on my (then) fancy word processor, I was running out the door to catch a cab to the airport, accidentally I hit the command to delete all files. Delete all files Y/N? I hit Y. It felt like slow motion as my index finger assured the letter Y. Gone forever.

After my van was broken into with all my musical gear while producing Andrew Cash at Street Brothers Recording Studio everyone said
“Did you have insurance?”
No I didn’t have insurance¬†and I wanted to scream at people who asked that. But I got it after and ever since. It’s a mean broken world.

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