last nights dream

Touring a building owned by a woman who was nonchalant about the million little fierce gycos. I took a photo, then noticed pools of shit. The woman treaded water in it and came up with shit in her hair. Besides being gross did it mean anything? Earlier, took a game from overhead shelf to play w Esme, chosen for its physicality which I thought would keep her attention. Jaded staff person seemed confused, pouting all the way even when they started to help me. Owner entered annoyed w the employee. Thought how amazing she and her husband own this big building in whatever downtown this is. Later saw Bob Dylan playing an organ solo to a pre-existing song. Good solo, exciting to see/ hear. He did a gliss. I like the claims from certain interpreters of dreams who claim they are purposeless. Not many agree with that, but those who do further indicate it is just an improvisation of mind. Meaningless improvisation except for being a thought improvisation because the brain has this thinking part which does not shut off, like the heart does not shut off, like the circulatory system does not shut off nor the kidneys. Work Work Work. If the body needs sleep it does not mean the mind went away, just the consciousness part. The rest is busy spewing thought as is its job.

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