teacher talk

I have to talk to you.


I have a problem, some of the students are so bad that I want to tell them how bad they are.

I see.

But after they complain it’ll become an investigation into me instead of a learning moment for them.

Why do you want to tell them they’re bad?

Because they are, someone should do them a favour and call a spade a spade.

It’s a risk. Some are ripe to hear something like that others are hurt and demand you be fired.

I should shut up.

Depends on whether you want to keep the job.

I want to tell the truth.

So go ahead tell them you think they’re bad.

But just because I find them bad doesn’t mean you find them bad. That’s what gets me.

The truth isn’t just one person’s view?

Yes. Exactly so. That’s also what stops me, my own judgement is based on something that changes, so what’s the point.

You’ve got a point ther.

Are we in a Harry Nilsson record?


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