glass solo

There was a tweet from Bernie Sanders on July 10th from Wall Street and while speaking to the camera a UPS delivery person passes him and without interrupting pats him on the shoulder. Bernie continues as if not noticing and UPS guy continues delivering parcels and ends his pat-on-the-shoulder-dance with a raised fist. A seamless dance. There was a punk rock guy that made me uneasy in the 80s. When Handsome Ned’s picnic concert happened on the Toronto Island he stopped me from getting on the ferry. He was doing security, scary looking guys often get hired for that, obvious reason but I was in the band goddamit. He was big, tall and had a mohawk. His name also was Bob. Times changed after our initial encounter and one time he stood behind me when we were playing Lee’s Palace. He was getting into the show and screamed his support at me while I was in the middle of a solo and he was holding two beers in his hands. At some point I leaned over and helped myself to one of his beers, as though it was mine to take and continued the solo, making glass bottle glissandos then handed it back, to much cheering. My own Bernie ups moment.

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