the bad song

something so nice about artworks that feel organic and authentic, something so bad about prefabricated cookie cutter offerings. singing the song that’s played on the radio station my daughter favours, the station that plays songs like this 17 times a day. so many times we agree a song is struck in your head regardless of whether it is liked or disliked. rarely does anyone say thoughts are also like that. same thoughts over and over, your body, your appointment, your parents, your bank account, whatever, things they do not wish to keep thinking, songs you do not wish to keep humming. unstoppable flies buzzing, there it goes again. the apparent subject of her song, a bad guy but once the lyrics were on the screen it was clearly not about a bad man. it is about her and all the things she does that are bad. she identifies 4 reasons adding up to why she is such a bad guy. she missed one.

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