peppa variations

On the radio, a solo electric guitar starts playing. This is the jazz radio station. I recognized the melody from somewhere but couldn’t remember. I like this position, audio recognition but no words yet, then it hit me, Reelin’ in The Years by Steely Dan but this version is like an easy going ditty. Seems impossible, isn’t that solo an iconic solo? How can this country bluesy sounding player be making it sound so simple? Simultaneously playing the rhythm part too and nailing it note for note even the craziest parts of the original. Makes me wonder how much the tone of the original justifies my memory of its the power. Sometimes sitting at a Bösendorfer makes everything I do sound faster, cleaner, stronger. If Peppa Pig plays the Goldberg Variations would that make it sound less complicated? I bet so. The artist was Bob McAlpine.

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