Bb or G#

I wish I could control myself.
Yeah who doesn’t.
You too?
Yeah, it depresses me.
I know what you mean. How do you stop it?
You can’t, maybe you can short circuit it.
What do you mean?
If you realized thought was unstoppable, you would care less about believing it is stoppable.
You don’t think we’re born to be this way do you?
Yes I do.
To be complaining and upset with us about us? why would nature do that?
How would anyone know?
Know what?
How can you presuppose knowing whatever invented people had a plan for people? How would you know? You aren’t the thing that invented people, assuming there was a thing.
Well if it didn’t then that would mean there’s nothing uniquely meaningful about our existence. I can’t accept that.
What’s uniquely meaningful about playing in Bb vs. G#?
That’s not the same.
Music isn’t like thought and the desire to control oneself.
What are you doing when you improvise or when you admire an improviser?

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