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I read reference to Peter Orlovsky sometimes in my pleasure reading Allen Ginsberg but didn’t know his work. Seemed he was overshadowed by the Ginsberg and all the famous beat poets. Found an old poet reading his work and was charmed then ordered his book Clean Asshole Poems and Smiling Vegetable Songs.
I like the people on the sidelines, a position that offers better odds from unnecessary distraction, like George Harrison naming his record company Dark Horse. I tried to learn that song, Dark Horse, when I was thirteen but couldn’t understand what he was saying. That whole record was unique for the fact Harrison sang with a sore throat. I had a best friend who didn’t know how to play an instrument. He was excited I could play. He surprised me transcribing the lyrics and put them in my mailbox with postmarks as if George Harrison personally wrote me from England. It was the most amazing day of my 13 yr old life finding that manila envelope with Beatle jokes like Harry Georgeson or a return address From Somewhere in England. I didn’t know how but seemed George Harrison was helping me out. I enjoyed many of these poems especially unexpected ideas like the one about him and Allen Ginsberg trying to reach Charlie Chaplin.

Our dear friend Charles:
Love letter to you. We are one happy poet & one unhappy poet in India which makes 2 poets. We would like to come visit you when we get thru India to tickle yr feet. Further more King in New York is great picture, – I figure it will take about 10 yrs before it looks funny in perspective. Every few years we dream in our sleep we meat you. Why don’t you go ahead & make another picture and fuck everybody. If you do could we be extras.
What else shall we say to you before we all die? If everything we feel could be said it would be very beautiful. Why didn’t we ever do this before? I guess the world seems so vast, its hard to find the right moment to forget all about this shit & wave hello from the other side of the earth. But there is certainly millions & millions of people waving hello to you silently all over the windows, streets & movies. Its only life waving to itself.

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