will you ever win? will you ever win?

Such an old story. Months ago, working on a video project for school with three other people. The course was ostensibly about collaboration. One person, absent for most of the work, returns the last day and dominates, insists we work according to her aesthetic and use the platform she is most familiar with, unlike the platform we started on. Doesn’t ask what others think and worse inserts Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac for background. My best diplomatic strategies fail and I try to point out some confusing elements like the music obliterating the dialogue or the former surprises now revealed too early or filters being used incoherently. I don’t even address Fleetwood Mac because possibly the rest of them find that charming. Unfortunately, they remain wallflowers and have no opinion which allows her to let her freak flag fly. Since I had the nerve to question her work she gets passive aggressive and tries punishing me for bringing up opinions that question her work. My fault thinking we were supposedly collaborating in a course on collaboration. Many music groups form with the same premise, that they are open to everyone’s participation. So many times it morphs into war and a leader emerges who is threatened by anyone questioning their authority.

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