socrates & ‘lil toe

‘lil toe: hey Socrates I heard you said something about knowing nothing and thinking that was a way to live a life. What are you saying?
Socrates: The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.
‘lil toe: That’s it, that’s what I thought you said.
Socrates: Together, the auditory weather shines between the fortunate and our engagements are like minded.
‘lil toe: Yeah whatever. Can I ask you something about royalties and publishing?
Socrates: Proceed.
‘lil toe: I’m confused about rights management, about the fact that we have a system in place where people can’t use music without permission, supposedly, and the way that implies ownership of something which is not a material thing you know what I’m talking about? Because music is something in motion and we’re talking about controlling it. Is it different than claiming each sentence in this conversation is created by me and therefore I should be privileged to control anyone quoting me? Does anyone question the point of framing “created by” because the materials used by the apparent creator in this conversation is words or in music is notes comprising melody. But are these things we created in the first place? Aren’t we re-configuring pre-existing material and calling that our creation. We didn’t even create our own lives.
Socrates: Citizen, clearly true wisdom is in this instance a space adhering to conditions we share.

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