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While walking to the Tranzac I passed a section of Wallace street that had a bunch of images and quotes. At first I thought it reflected the view of the house but soon noticed it went on further and further down the street, maybe 8 houses, maybe a community project. Then realized each image was a woman with a quote about the empowerment of women or about countering discrimination or asserting oneself, Shirley Chisholm says if they don’t give you a seat at the table bring a folding chair, Virginia Wolf says Anonymous was a woman and then Harriet Tubman on confronting mobs or madness and affirming to never stop and keep going. Joni Mitchell was there too but they chose The Circle Game, the seasons go round and round and we’re captives on a carousel of time. It’s fine but not as self empowering as the others, couldn’t help but think the curator didn’t really know her work well enough. I thought of better zingers by the singer that would tickle my brain if happened across a sidewalk. i) hey farmer farmer put away that DDT, gives me spots on my apples leave me the birds and the bees, please ii) shining hair and shining skin, shining as she reeled him in, to tell him like she did today, just what he could do with Harry’s house and Harry’s take home pay, iii) we could talk about Martha, we could talk about landscapes, I’m not above gossip, but I’ll sit on a secret where honour is at stake.

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  1. Joni Mitchell has said great things and plays the guitar beautifully as well. Zingers it is.


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