the leaf

E said to F# I think you and the other four black keys have a great sound. F# didn’t know what to say because they didn’t view themselves as part of a group containing Bb, G#, C# and Eb. In fact F# had been noticing that when it was asleep and dreaming, it’s experience of consciousness was no different than in it’s waking state. This became a seed which sprouted and later disinclined notions of certainty. As days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, it frequently reflected on whether the wakeful state deserved it’s self importance or whether it was all projection, a trick of existence. This consideration had a side effect, a disinclination to fight about anything which stemmed from the mind, a loss of appetite for confrontation. A view that stirring the waters of who’s right and who’s wrong was as pointless as who had the best stick of celery, which are the best socks, who’s resides in the best octave? As a result it started to practice the thing leaves did in the wind, agreeability. Though at first it wanted to tell E aren’t they all just frequencies positioned differently. No, that’s too simple. E believes that the greater truth lies in what each looks like, so F# said yeah thanks it is a great sound we have and just like that it passed and they moved on.

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  1. To practice the thing
    that the leaves do in the wind,

    i wrote you and pascal comelade haikus many years ago. thanks for writing one for me.


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