her take on the law

The musician I hired to do background vocals told me she sung many takes on her old band’s first album and they had many differing opinions about her best performance. Finally the guitarist said let’s go with what she likes best. That made her feel relieved and restored her belief in the project but two weeks later they switched her choice with the one the producer wanted and made up a story that the producer lost hers and coincidentally found his. She said it was years ago now, it’s all behind her but she learned from it and ever since assumes people won’t tell her the truth and rarely are things different than that. I said is it hard to live that way, she said it’s hard to live expecting people to be different than the way they are. My favourite moment is when Omar goes to court as a witness against Bird. The lawyer who represents Bird and all the other high paying drug lords or their soldiers, addresses Omar by explaining to the jury his long record of arrests. He mocks him for self identifying as someone who steals from drug lords. The lawyer, Levy, adds that Omar feels good about himself taking money from drug overlords then to the amusement of the jury Omar points out the lawyer does the same thing and they find Bird guilty.

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