blake masked

Reworking/ finishing a record started thirty years ago for Eugene Chadbourne. Some of the tracks are not too intelligent, why did we not record the hi hat more clearly? Too late for answers. At least his guitar and voice are clear and the special guests are also pretty good. I’m adding a few things which will give the production more dimension, I hope this seamless but I still need a secret weapon, a whacked out percussionist, every record needs one. The type that walks a straight line in an altered state and a dizzy one sober, like Thelonius Monk’s circle movements in the Clint Eastwood film. It might only be tambourine but it changes everything. First things first, Blake Howard and his agogĂ´s, sea shells and chack chacks took over today and proved again alchemy is a real thing; can’t wait for next week.

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