The AGM is upcoming. Socan, like Ascap and BMI collects money on behalf of musicians if their works are played on radio, on television networks even online in some instances. I applied to be on the board of directors this year but didn’t get in, oh well. Looks like there are about 15 directors and half are in the publishing business. I was interested in trying to direct money into school programs, I think getting music into schools has been downplayed the last twenty years. In their reports the language used stipulates only members who have earned money can vote. I think it’s a bit weird even though I am among the eligible. But why shouldn’t we consider the votes of members who didn’t necessarily earn anything this quarter or last quarter (or ever)? What is the thinking behind a musician cannot have any voting power unless they are associated with money. Does earning money better inform the capacity to think creatively or contribute to the conversation? I wonder who supports the thinking behind staying that way? Maybe the C stands for classism instead of composer.

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