If you could enlarge the insides of a body so large you could see individual cells doing their jobs and maybe same cells have patterns in common like the lung cells or cells of the tibia or armpit hair cells have more in common with themselves and blend uniquely with cells that make up lungs, tibia and armpit hair. Like similar cells have a similar aesthetic, make a similar music. Other cells from other parts of the body have their specific jobs too and viewing them all at once might be impossible to understand except as cacophony, which would not be cacophony at all depending how far you go trying to understand it all as an improvisation. In the park, the squirrels, the red winged blackbirds, the sumach and the willow trees, all seem separate but could it all be cells in a body, appearing to have separate jobs when in fact cells are just like that. Appearing to have separate jobs making up a tibia. They don’t necessarily know the bigger picture, just the immediate job. The cells of the fingernail do not know they are a fingernail, do not know they are part of you… whatever you is. They just are being fingernail cells and squirrels are being squirrels. Isn’t it true, if enlarged we would see all these separate cells doing their jobs, making their music? Couldn’t it be the trees, the squirrels, the snakes, the frogs the cops the barista and the bouncer are doing their job and unaware that simultaneously they are cells in the body of life? Like how impossibly insignificant is our size, just a spec living on a land mass between oceans on a planet between planets in a universe between universes. The most awkward part about being at a school ostensibly to study improvisation, is adhering to the idea we can discuss improvisation as if we aren’t already in one and always have been.
suggested listening for this post:
i) Now if a six turned out to be nine, I don’t mind, ii) i got a song it ain’t got no melody, i’m a gonna sing it to my friends, will it go round in circles? iii) I told you about strawberry fields, you know the place where nothing is real, well there’s another place you can go, where everything flows

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