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In the biology book I’m reading by Bruce Lipton he writes about the membrane of cells how it was previously thought just a jacket and later realized more significant, maybe the most significant part of the cell since reproduction occurred even after experiments where genes or nuclei were removed from the cell. He considers the membrane something that exists between both the outer world and the inner world, that it is in effect reacting to the outer world, that it is informing or changing the inner world based on what it experiences externally. He’s trying to show the reader that the skin that covers our whole body, is the part of our existence positioned between the outer and inner world. It conducts information between the two. His writing is also about perception or rather misperception. It’s true, when I read that different insects or animals see certain colours completely differently than humans do I’m struck with the fact that our belief in green or red is a belief more than a fact, a belief based on how we are wired, it’s just software running and if you can’t consider what that means for your relationship to life you might as well send your demo tape to Universal and expect to get a record deal.

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