well I love you gal

There is a Justin Bieber song I often hear my daughter playing featuring the lyric, “I want you to know that if I can’t be close to you, I’ll settle for the ghost of you, I miss you more than life”. The physics of it bothers me most. In order to miss anything more than life you would have to no longer be alive and if you were no longer alive, you are not in a position to miss anything, you are no more. That’s all I hear in that lyric, that and a 16th or 32cnd note drum loop playing intensely against the gentle feelings of JT’s super unfulfilling allegory for trying to say I love you gal. And I found myself thinking about the people who drafted the song and did they think that juxtaposition was real smart? But then, three hours later driving home, from my Spotify algorithm came Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly and it struck me he did this thing seventy years earlier! The ride or the bell of the ride is keeping a cool and outsider-art 16th or 32cnd note texture while Mr. Holly stutters pretty pretty pretty Peggy Sue and somewhere Paul McCartney makes even more money he has no use for.

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