Got my shingles shot. I knew someone who got shingles in her early 40s. She was distressed and derailed by the experience. Not me. Some rare good news from the Western fiasco. Like all potentially good news you have practice disbelief until it’s real otherwise failure will hurt even harder because there will be an extra layer of having been duped and embarrassed. Started watching videos by Donald Hoffman in California. Enthralled by this man’s perspective on the brain. He shows how we misinterpret our perceptions all the time (the Earth is flat, the Earth is the centre of the universe). We think our vision is like a camera seeing things as they are but neuro scientists show in real time we are constructing everything we see in the moment. He says we’re blind to our own blindnesses. Music has that in spades, it seems to be real, it seems to be so real.

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